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Immersive crane p*rn content

Mammoet is specialised in engineered heavy lifting and transport of oversized and heavy objects. From Dubay to Argentina to China, they carry out the most impressive transport jobs. Whether moving a nuclear plant or salvaging a submarine: they have a lot of tall tales to tell. 

Our challenge was to transform their quarterly print magazine - Mammoet World - into a digital magazine that offers an immersive experience to crane porn lovers.

Project type
UX/UI design

Content strategy
Concept design
UI designs

Soda studio

Mammoet heroMammoet hero

Translating print to digital
We hosted a content strategy workshop to decide what type of content will truly showcase the Mammoet experience. In the same time we gathered the best articles of the print version that we want to include in the digital magazin upon launch.

True magazine feeling
Creating an online experience that truly feels like a real magazine: by using large scale images on the 'cover', different article types and of course a lot of photo and video content. Endless scrolling feels like browsing through pages and offers an immersive experience in the world of oversized cranes.

Photos and videos tell the story
Content, content, content. Nothing shows better what Mammoet is capable of then photos and videos of their impressive projects. A great opportunity as designer to be guided by the material.

Little interaction, lots of content
Navigating and interaction are kept to a minimum - preferably users scroll endlessly from one article into another. Just like the way you read an actual print magazine. 

Mammoet closerMammoet closer