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Low code, high impact

Milieu Service Nederland is a waste management company for businesses in the Netherlands. With a team of low code experts, we worked on their digital transformation by building multiple waste management apps.

Coming from dozens of emails, excel sheets, software licenses and even fax sheets, we reshaped their  organisation with the design and development of custom apps for waste management.

Our challenge was to translate all their business processes into a convenient and easy-to-use interface for all employees. Designed for and build with Mendix, world's leading low code platform.

Project type
UX/UI design

Journey maps
UX design
UI design
Development support
Low code

Soda studio

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Understanding waste management
Sales, operations, finance, every department worked on their own way and with their own tools. In various journey mapping workshops with employees - from garbage truck drivers to account managers - we figured out the ideal workflow and we identified opportunities for (process) improvements.

Designing for low code
Next step for me as designer was to understand the posibilities of low code platform Mendix. This meant sticking close to the UI framework and jointly working with developers to see how quick designs can be build and changes can be made. To design for low code is to make sure the apps are intuitive, based on user needs and good looking.

Whole lotta data
Milieu Service Nederland offers over 10,000 products that all need to be managed, edited and tracked in the apps we created. The essential screens that employees work with on a daily base have high information density, but are still easy to read and use. Both on desktop and tablet.

Transforming app by app
We branded the Mendix UI framework to match Milieu Service Nederland styling. With reusable components we designed and created different apps that work together on the new waste management platform. Making sure all apps look and work the same consistent way. App by app we reduced the need for Excel sheets, emails and other tools and applications.

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