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Shipping made simple

Twill is a smart scale-up of our planets' largest shipping company: Maersk.

Over a year I worked with them on their challenge to become the best B2B shipping platform in the world. Focussing on customers who have little to zero knowledge of logistics, we greatly improved the user experience of the whole platform.

Shipping made simple - for everyone around the globe.

Project type
UX/UI design

Concept sprints
Flow charts
UI designs
User tests

Dutch Interactive Award 2021 (2x)
Lovie Award 2021

Soda studio

Case - Twill - CoverCase - Twill - Cover

Killing complexity
Logistics can be very complex. By doing research and benchmarks, hosting interviews, creating flow charts and running concept sprints, we managed to tackle the complexity of worldwide container shipping.

Inspired by the travel industry
Applying design patterns common in the travel industry makes it easy for end users to book the right shipments for them. In over 160 countries, they can book container shipments as if they were booking a flight. Quick and simple.

User testing
User tests - conducted from China to Mexico - showed that overview and transparency are key values for booking shipments. The new designs incorporate these values in order to provide the best user experience for every kind of logistic challenge.

Mobile first
Every interaction, button or detail is well thought-out, for every device. Smart features help users understand the logistic processes behind the screen and make the right choices.

Total redesign
The new simple, intuitive and easy-to-use flow and interface allows customers from all over the world to enter the global trade market.