Building without hassle

BRIS develops software for consulting and applying construction laws and regulations in the Netherlands. From planning to delivery - they support construction site workers with specialised tools during all stages of a construction project.

Our challenge was to come up with a new and innovative app that helps users comply with the new Dutch law ‘Wet kwaliteitsborging voor het bouwen’. This new law brings a lot more paperwork and hassle into construction projects. Hence, many users are unwilling to comply with the new administrative regulations.

To solve this challenge, we designed the app in a way that the user can comply with the law in as less clicks as possible. We make users skip a whole lot of boring paperwork and we let them focus again on what they do best: building buildings.

Project type
UX/UI design

Journey map
Concept design
Flow charts
UI design


The right workflow

Introducing an app to a construction site is not easy. Every project is different, outdoor conditions can be harsh and mobile devices are not commonly used. We identified best moments in construction workflows where the app can thrive: at the start of the project, right before finishing parts of a building and during delivery of the project.


Keeping it simple

Simplicity is key in the complex world of legislation. Design patterns from onboarding or registration flows make it super easy for users to inspect their work. It only takes a couple of minutes to start, check off and export a checklist. This enables them to inspect their work instantly after completing it - without having to study legal requirements or fill in paper forms.


Lowering the threshold

Since the new law already creates resistance from construction site workers, keeping our app as easy and accessible as possible was essential. The app is designed in a way that it can be used anonymously: without signing up, logging in or downloading. Just check your work, nothing more, nothing less.


An updated UI design

The new app can be used anonymously and stand-alone from other software. By using the same colours, fonts and icons as other BRIS apps, but reversing the colour scheme to white on blue, it feels autonomous, new and different. A new solution to a new problem.


Smart and simple solution

The Vinkies app significantly reduces the time wasted on paperwork and legislation, making the new law much easier to comply to. Having only essential features, a fast flow and easy to use interface, it brings back happiness to building projects all over the Netherlands.


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