Revolutionizing job hunting

Luba is a Dutch employment agency that truly knows which job fits in your life. They give people who are searching for work a lot of personal attention at local branches to make sure they find work they like.

Our challenge was to re-design their complete website to create a digital experience that feels just as good as visiting a local office. With the new conversational interface we help people find jobs that truly suit them.

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UX/UI design

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Website van het jaar 2022

Soda studio


No non-sense work

Luba focusses on hands-on jobs like kitchen aids, warehouse workers and truck drivers. People that are actually looking for work, not 'careers' or 'professions'. So we made sure that the interface suits their needs, with the right vocabulary and no-nonsense styling and images.


Apply through conversation

Signing up for work has never been easier and more personal with our newly designed conversational interface. No complex and boring forms, but a personal conversation that adapts to your needs and case.

Designing it all out

To make sure we cover every possible conversation, we designed over 150 scenarios that can happen during job applications. A complete design, including all different buttons, states and responses for mobile, tablet and desktop.


Local jobs

People who work through Luba find working at local jobs very important. An interactive map helps them find work near them, in addition to the conversational interace. By using common design patterns of booking platforms, we enable the users to easily find potential jobs in their area.


Total redesign

The whole new website included many more pages besides the conversational interface and interactive map. With a new home, job search, job detail, contact and about us page, Luba greatly improved their digital presence and experience.


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