Global goods go green

Teqplay is a scale up with a mission: eliminate waste and risk in global ocean transport.

In the complex world of worldwide cargo transport, efficient and sustainable logistics are a significant challenge. Using Teqplay’s knowledge, tech and data, I designed their new platform that exposes and eliminates waste and risks in cargo movements.

Here’s how we did it—from scratch to launch, with end-users and developers on board.

Project type
UX/UI design

Journey mapping
Concept designs
User validation
Style explorations
Design systems
Product launch


Mapping the industry

Cargo transport is a global beast with many players: shipping companies, cargo owners, port authorities, logistic service providers, and so on. These parties often have conflicting interests, making it crucial to identify the primary user group for our new platform.


Focussing on the right user

By journey mapping a cargo voyage, we identified charterers as the user group with the highest potential for impact. Charterers are responsible for hiring vessels and ensuring cargo is transported efficiently and cost-effectively. Focusing on their needs was crucial to create a platform that would reduce waste and risks in the industry.


Visualising long-held ideas

Translating abstract ideas into tangible concept designs visualised solutions that had been in Teqplay minds for years. Sketches, wireframes, and initial mockups brought different concept directions to life.


Validating with users

Prototype tests and interviews with charterers provided valuable insights into their workflows, pain points, and aspirations. Their feedback helped tweaking the platform to match real-life needs and practices.


Style explorations

A brand refresh reflects the innovative nature of the platform. This involved updating the logo, color palette, typography, and overall visual identity. I designed a modern, user-friendly design system to ensure consistency across all (future) products.


Designing all the details

Detailed UI designs, user flows, transitions, and animations ensure a smooth and intuitive experience. I made sure designs were technically feasible and smoothly implemented by working closely with Teqplay developers.

Cleaner cargo shipments

After launching the new platform, charterers all over the world can expose and eliminate waste and risks in their cargo transport. A platform that not only meets the needs of charterers but also contributes to a more sustainable future for cargo transport.

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